First Time Buyer resources for attendees of the Penn Oaks Jan 2018 Bridal Show.  Thank you for stopping by our booth!  We hope you liked Lock Box Latte! 

Have you and your fiancé to start thinking about buying a home together?  


Whether it’s your first home or just consolidating your lives into one, many people find buying a new home can be an overwhelming process.  Our goal is to help clients have fun and enjoy the process, as it can be very exciting!  It is our promise to educate buyers on the steps/process as well as make it as smooth as possible.  Click below for a details step by step review of the overall home buying process:


Home Buying Process - Step by Step


You both may not be ready to start thinking about owning a home right now, but until you are, we are always available for questions and can be an asset for you as you begin to prepare to start the process.  You may have questions on credit scores, getting a mortgage, down payments, best places to live that will fit your needs, etc… and we have the resources to help you!